HUUB AEGIS II 3:5 Sleeveless wetsuit

HUUB AEGIS II 3:5 Sleeveless wetsuit

I bought the AEGIS II 3:5 after i had a poor swim at Dubai 70.3. (29:30 ish) My Archimedes II 3:5 had been stuck in France so i rush purchased (as the 3:5 was out of stock) a Archimedes II 4:4 and i really didn’t get on with it. It lifted me up at the front far too much and didn’t lift up my sinking legs. Giving me the feeling that i was swimming up hill!
So my plan was to see how a sleeveless suit would work for me and so far i have raced Mallorca 70.3 and can say that it felt really good.

I did get some chaffing around the under arms which were quite sore on race day so i’m going to monitor this for my next race and see if this is the same. I guess i could try some of the chaffing cream that you use around your neck and see if that makes it any better.

One big advantage to this is that it is super easy to get off and i had my fastest transition time in Malloraca 70.3 which has the longest transition there is!

I’m looking forward to using this suit for training this summer off the beaches at Bournemouth.

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