Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS Helmet

Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS Helmet

So on recommendation from a fellow training partner i decided to try out the latest “Fastest” aero helmet that is being talked about.  After a good search on the internet i managed to find it for just under £350 which is a lot of a helmet, but if the claims are true then this i guess is some cheap watts!

My first impressions out of the box was that it just looks fast! It comes with a “POD” to keep it secure which also houses the two ZEISS visors which comes as part of the price.

I ordered a medium size so for my head this is a snug fit which i quiet like.  There is a few small gaps between the visor and the helmet that allows air to pass through which will be essential on a hot day as there is no ventilation on the Ultimate model.  You can see the gaps in the image below and when travelling at speed you can feel the air flowing in which is nice on a hot day.  There is more ventilation on the standard Giro Aerohead Helmet for those that require it.

The visor’s visibility is amazing and you do not even feel that you have a visor as you simply cant see it.  Carl ZEISS lenses are world recognised for quality and it certainly delivers here.  There are two in the POD, a clear and a sun version.

The visor is held on with magnets which i like as sometimes i like to remove the visor on climbs to allow note air in.  The visor clips to the top of the helmet if you want to ride without it for a while but i am not sure that the magnets are strong enough to hold it on if you are travelling at speed.

The Roc Loc fit system seems to work well and the helmet didn’t feel as  though it was going to move around at all and the Loc system allows the helmet to pivot back into a good aero position once on the bike.  It isn’t the easiest helmet to get on as its a snug fit but i will take that for more watts!

Overall i’m pretty impressed with this helmet and if anything i “feel ” fast in it which i’m sure makes me faster 😉

The Giro Specs are:

Weight: 450g
Included Accessories
Helmet Pod for travelling, second clear shield
Features: TeXtreme® carbon fiber shell, Super Fit Engineering, Eye shield made by ZEISS® Optics, Magnetic lens anchor attachment, MIPS® technology, Hydrophilic padding with X-Static anti-microbial fabric
Construction: Hybrid Construction, TeXtreme™ carbon fiber shell with in-molded EPS liner
Fit System: Roc Loc® Air
Ventilation: Vented Shield, Over-brow ventilation, Internal channeling

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