Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Race Report

Ironman 70.3 Weymouth Race Report

Weymouth 70.3 was a bonus race for me and one that i wanted to race as it was my local race living 30mins away.  I qualified for the World Championships there last year and i was hoping to do that again this year although i was not sure exactly how it would go being a week after the World Championships this year!

Chattanooga World Champs was complete and I flew back on the Tuesday with Weymouth 70.3 being on Sunday!  The flight overnight took a lot from me and that week i was trying to get over the jet lag and try and recover from the race.  Many thought i was mad to do back to back races but i wanted to get world qualification out of the way.

I wasn’t the only one racing Weymouth having just raced at Chattanooga.  On the flight i met Mark Billyard and Marton Cseik who were also chasing early qualification for next years World Champs.

The plan: SWIM

I have to say that i didn’t have much of a plan.  Try and start early and swim as good as you could and try and get out early and avoid the traffic on the bike.

The Plan: BIKE

Same as the swim, no particular expectations due to racing the week before.  I was not sure what i would get out of my legs and how they would respond, so it was a suck and see exercise.

The Plan: RUN

No change here either, see whats left and enjoy it if there isn’t anything in the tank!

The Reality: SWIM

I actually found the swim quiet choppy and not much fun.  The sun was rising as you swam out so visibility was poor and i was missing the 24 degrees water temperature 🙂  The swim back after the turn was a little weird as i turned right and headed for the finish area but the swimmers in front of me all went another direction.  I swam for a little while panicking that i was going in the wrong direction thinking that maybe i was missing a buoy or something but i think that the lead person in that group just went off course and everyone followed him :-).  Anyway towards the swim finish i could see them start to come back towards me and head for the exit.

31.42 is my worst swim of the season but ill take that a week after a race.

The Reality: Bike

I was really hoping to do some good on the bike.  1000m of climb in Chattanooga and a 2:31 ride i was confident that i could do similar here but i guess last week was taking its toll on me and as soon as i got on the bike i knew there was nothing in the tank.  I got passed within the first few miles which told me that it wasn’t going to be magic on the bike today.  In all fairness i managed to get into my stride after about 30 mins and i just settle in and rode steadily.  I  was off power by about 20-30W and could see that last weeks race was still in me.  My Normalised Power for the race was 257W which was was the lowest of the year and i could feel it.  One consolation was that i had improved from last years bike split so that was pleasing.  I was hoping for about a 2:30 bike split but ended up with a 2:41, way off where i wanted to be.

The Reality: RUN

I started the run in the same way as usual and kept it steady all the way.  I actually didn’t feel to bad in comparison to the swim and bike and felt that i was running my normal race.  The run course had changed a little this year and the support was so much better than last year.  My family and friends were all there supporting me which helped enormously!

The split times i was getting was the i was in about 10 to 12 position so i knew that i needed to try and push on a little.  The last lap i pushed as hard as i could and dropped a few runners that were sitting on my tail.  What was nice was to pick the pace up a little om the last lap, something that i haven’t been able to do in previous races.

I crossed the line in 4:54 and 12th in my age group.  With 10 places in the World Champs in my AG i was hopeful that my performance would get me a slot.. Which it did!


Im not sure that i would try and run back to back races again but the aim of racing Weymouth was to qualify for the world championships for 2018 wich i did so the performance for me was not important as it was the qualification i wanted!

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