Welcome to my site! My passion within triathlon is largely due to the fact that i love technology and i can without a doubt say that i am one of those athletes that loves the “data”!  For me it’s all about the data and the technology! And that is why i have created my website, to share as much information and data as i can.  I don’t know if any other athlete that shares their data for others to look over and learn from.

On my site i will be sharing information on all of my equipment, training from my coach and writing about my progression at every stage.

My plan is to get to the highest position in my age group as possible and to be the best i can. Please actively engage with me, ask me questions on anything you want and learn from me where you can.

Next Race: Ironman Vitoria Gasteiz


Physio: Joe Parks

Joe is a specialist in treating a variety of sports injuries and overseeing rehabilitation programmes. He has ten years’ experience of treating elite athletes and Olympians and, in 2007/08, spent 18 months running the Sports Therapy Centre at the Calema Hotel Sports Resort in Portugal.   Contact Details:  Joeparks@hotmail.co.uk

Coach: Will Newbery

Will is head coach at 9Endurance Coaching and is also an active athlete. He has raced at the World Championships, achieved a sub 2 hours and come in the top 5 in his age group at the European Championships at Olympic distance, won his age group at middle distance and has achieved a 9:20 at Challenge

About Me

Husband and father to two sporty girls i live in the beautiful Dorset town of Broadstone on the south coast. Having served my early years in the Royal Marine Commandos i now manage a technology based company specialising in connectivity. My first toe into triathlon was in 2014 when i decided after less than 6 months


Wifigear.co.uk is the UK’s leading online store for Wi-Fi equipment.  Established over 12 years ago Wifigear.co.uk has been supplying businesses and homes with Wi-Fi solutions with expert advise. For more information please visit http://wifigear.co.uk

DigitalAir Wireless

DigitalAir Wireless Networks are the leading “wireless specialist” networking within the UK. Established over 10 years ago they design, deploy and deliver innovative data, voice and video connectivity solutions for both indoor and outdoor wireless networks, that enable the communications of businesses throughout the world. More information can be found at http://www.digitalairwireless.com


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Cervelo P5X – Triathlon Bike

I’m luck enough to of got my hands on the first P5X that came into the UK in 2016.  Having owned two Cervelo P5’s before i knew that this bike was going to be game changing!  I’ve ridden since October 2016 and really love this bike! What i like about the P5X over my P Six

Ironman Mallorca 70.3 Race Report

So i think that it would be good to start this race report by setting out what my race plan and targets were for Mallorca and then seeing how well i executed them. Having been in Mallorca a couple of weeks prior to the race i had a good feel for the race itself and

Cervelo S5

My Cervelo S5 was actually my first road bike! Having gone into my local bike shop to purchase a Cervelo P3 i was talked into learning to ride first before i attempted riding a TT bike! Which was a good thing in hindsight! The S5 is a super aero bike and ive used it on

Cervelo P5 SIX

[Bike now retired – Sold to a good home!] My Cervelo P5 SIX was a replacement after being knocked off my original P5 and breaking my pelvis at Challenge Rimini half distance. So there was not too much for me to get used to as this newer version is not too dissimilar to the older